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Weekly wellbeing

Weekly wellbeing activities

At Meridian High we believe in providing our staff and students with the support they need to grow, learn and flourish. We know that in order to be our most productive and embrace our challenges with resilience we must learn to nurture our physical, emotional and psychological needs especially in the face of unprecedented times. In order to support our staff and studenst we will all join in our weekly wellbeing sessions. 

We aim to provide you with a range of activities and ideas to support your wellbeing. These have been categorised into physical, creative and emotional activities that you can choose from every Friday afternoon.

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Here is a link to guidance from the NHS in supporting your childs wellbeing through this time : 



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Creative wellbeing Activities 23rd Jan 2021 Download
Daily wellbeing activities and challenge... 23rd Jan 2021 Download
Emotional wellbeing Thrive activities 23rd Jan 2021 Download
Physical wellbeing Activities 23rd Jan 2021 Download
Friday activities January 29th 28th Jan 2021 Download