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Welcome to our Remote Learning Page of our website 2021

This page replaces our previous coronavirus page and provides current documentation to support the 2021 lockdown.

This school year is like no other, and it requires MHS students to embrace our core values of resilience and challenge more than ever so they fulfil their ambitions. We trust that this section of the website supports our families in accessing our remote provision. However, well being calls are made to those that are not on line learning each day- if we can be of further support, please do update our wellbeing team during the telephone call. 

Since January 2021, we have supported our students with over 250 chromebooks purchased by the school. This has enabled our online lessons to move to that of ‘live remote’ teaching and has therefore enabled access to education through the technology provided. We are proud of the progress made and continually strive to ensure we have all students actively engaged in learning during this time.

MHS remote education (DfE) 2021 Meridian High School remote learning policy- isolating students

Meridian High School remote learning policy- bubble closure

Meridian High School remote learning policy- local restrictions- UPDATED

Online learning presentation to parents


Online learning video to parents


How to submit your work through google classroom video


  • How to submit and return your work 
  • How to organise your google drop down menu 

How  to view your google classroom through your Xbox and Playstation


Supporting learning online


Homework table for Students


Homework Guide for Parents


Homework Guide for Students



Knowledge organisers

Year 7 

Year 8 

Year 9 

Year 10 

Year 11



Student Remote Timetables

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9 


Year 10


Year 11



Student/parent guide to accessing remote learning


Remote learning letters  

Letter to Parents and Carers 31.12.2020

Letter to Parents and Carers 05.01.2021

Letter to Parents and Carers 08.01.2021

Wellbeing at home

Keeping safe online