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Teaching and learning team

Meet the Teaching and Learning team

The Teaching and Learning Team comprises of six Lead Practitioners and work alongside the mainstream SENDCO and the Assistant Headteacher in charge of Teaching and Learning to support all staff in raising academic standards both within the classroom and beyond.

Each member of the T&L team has a specific responsibility that links to one of our key T&L principles that we are aiming to embed across the school.

The Teaching and Learning team meet regularly to plan INSET and CPD sessions and discuss T&L principles, conduct learning walks to highlight good practice and ensure it is shared across the staff body and develop bespoke programmes to aid teachers with their pedagogy.

They often work alongside beginning teachers and supporting their development and our team take on the responsibility of as a SCITT, PGCE or NQT mentor. The T&L team also collaborate on the weekly CPD for the beginning teachers programme which focus on the embedding the core T&L principles. 

A strong coaching culture exists in the school and the T&L team lead the way in this aspect of school life through the roll out of the CPDD and growth partner model for personal professional development. 

The T&L team discuss latest pedagogical practice and each week they write teaching and learning newsletter which is published, highlighting pedagogical news from within and beyond the school.