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GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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Meridian Talks

Meridian talks

At Meridian High School we believe that every voice is valuable. We know that our students have some insightful views about the world around them and we believe that listening to these views is one of the most important things we can do for our young people. This was the inspiration for 'Meridian Talks'.

'Meridian Talks' gives our students the opportunity to share what they are passionate about, a current issue or a hot topic which develops their speech writing and provides the platform to perform it. It is important that our students have the opportunity to develop their oracy and have the chance to share their opinions with others.

Please click on the links below to see our students orate and articulate their well researched thoughts and opinions on some current issues and hot topics in the world today:

Aimee- Gender equality Divian- Freedom of speech Ernest- What is religion?Holli- I'm not hungry! Societal views on eating disordersKizzie- Diversity in danceMia- Representation of black people in TV and filmDua- The worst generationLibby- It's about equality Glennice- Supporting and celebrating differencesRukye- I am lost


Welcome to our podcasting channel, Universally Speaking. Please click on the image to access our podcasting episodes.

The students of MHS felt passionately about the voices of their community being heard, so requested that we set up a podcasting club. Students are able to sign up to be part of the podcasting PD lessons, as well as approach Miss Papworth with their ideas that they feel need to be shared. However, we haven't stopped there! Staff are also excited to contribute to the fortnightly podcasts that are made and shared. 

Podcasting is an important platform for our students for various reasons, offering a range of educational and personal development opportunities. Here are some reasons why podcasting is valuable:

  • Enhances Communication Skills: Creating a podcast requires students to articulate their thoughts clearly, speak confidently, and develop effective communication skills. This can significantly improve their verbal communication abilities, which are essential in various aspects of life.
  • Boosts Creativity: Podcasting allows students to express themselves creatively. They can choose topics they are passionate about, research, and present information in a unique and engaging way. This fosters creativity and encourages them to think critically about content creation.
  • Develops Research Skills: Creating a podcast often involves researching topics, gathering information, and citing sources. This helps students develop strong research skills and learn how to evaluate information for credibility and relevance.
  • Encourages Critical Thinking: Podcasting requires students to think critically about their chosen topics, analyse different perspectives, and formulate well-reasoned arguments. This process promotes critical thinking and intellectual growth.
  • Promotes Digital Literacy: Podcasting involves using various digital tools and platforms. By creating podcasts, students gain experience in digital media production, editing, and publishing, enhancing their digital literacy skills that are increasingly important in the modern world.
  • Fosters Collaboration: Collaborative podcasting projects can encourage teamwork and cooperation among students. They learn how to delegate responsibilities, work together to achieve common goals, and appreciate the strengths of their peers.
  • Builds Confidence: Speaking on a podcast and sharing their ideas with a potential audience can boost students' confidence. This experience helps them become more comfortable expressing themselves in public and fosters a sense of accomplishment.
  • Provides Real-world Experience: Podcasting offers students a taste of real-world experiences in media production. They learn about planning, recording, editing, and promoting content – skills that are relevant in various professional fields.
  • Connects Learning to Real-life Contexts: Students and staff can explore topics beyond traditional classroom subjects, connecting what they learn to real-life issues and current events. This helps make their education more relevant and meaningful.
  • Global Reach: Podcasts can be shared and accessed globally. This provides students with an opportunity to reach a broader audience and receive feedback from people around the world, fostering a sense of global awareness.

Podcasting is a versatile and valuable platform for our school as it not only enhances academic and communication skills but also nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy, preparing students for success in various aspects of life.